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Welcome to the Frumpy Dumpy To The Max Website. This is the sequal to the original Frumpy Dumpy Website, which there is a link to somewhere on this page...or on the links page. This website is for all things frumpy dumpy and also will have some stuff about the Fonz, yea that's right, the guy from Happy Days that always says AAAYYY! This website may also feature appearances by the famous characters beancat, the key eskimo (created by Jesse Ekstien and his life partner, Julian W.), mrs. bumlilly, carl bunion (created by Andy and Jake), and perhaps some new characters will appear?! Anyways, hope you like our tremendous and craazzzzyyyy website....oh and it's been made by Andy and Joe, with help from Billy and others.
Hey guys! Welcome to the site, I'm Andy!


Frumpy Dumpy - the one that started it all
Below is a link to the first frumpydumpy website, complete with chat room and a forum. There are some funnyyy messages there already, and feel freee! (to leeve your own message). So have fun! I know you will?
Frumpy Dumpy

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Hey hey hey my name is Joe.
Man, that sure was timed just right! And the best part of all was that it fit in one little box!

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