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The Fonz
The Fonz was played by Henry Winkler. We just wanted to say that first of all because not all people know that. The Fonz's full name is Arthur Fonzerelli and he was, in my mind the best character on the Happy Days show. For anyone interested in watching it, I think repeats still play on the "Christian Channel" (aka CTS channel 23). He is a legend among men and our hero. It's high time for a Fonz comeback, so we decided to make a page about him, which is the one you are looking at right now?

Henry Winkler
Among many things, probably what he is remembered for the best is The Fonz on Happy Days. He has also had other acting roles and has been in Little Nicky and The Waterboy somewhat recently. Anyways, he's a cool guy!

We are beginning a Fonz comeback! Wanna help?! That's good. How to help? Yes, well you can sport some attire with him on it or you can buy some of his memerobilia or just spread the word about his greatlyness to your friends and if you don't have any friends, then wee salute you! Well anyways. the Fonz is a legend and an all around good guy. The comeback is already in the makings. T-Shirts are going to be purchased. Hats bearing his slogans and picture may be made, maybe not. Anyways.....................uuummmm.............. ..........uuuuuhhhhhh..................................BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY HOWARD STERN'S PENIS BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY!


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