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This is the Review Page....Yay

And what a great review page it is too!! Here is where we will review movies mostly but also music, tv shows, the weather and whatever else we might see fit to be reviewed by proffessional reviewers such as ourselves?

 <<------Gene Shalit

Hey, I'm Gene Shalit.  I'm going to help these great fellows in their quest for good reviews.  You can learn more about me at:  As you can see from my moustache i'm one cool cat and won't let these fine gentelmen down.

A picture of Neo
  Matrix Revolutions

This movie looked to be promising, but in the end of it all, I was a little disapointed, especially with the fight between Smith and Neo. I mean, there weren't any lasers! I wanted to see some freakin' lasers! Oh well, anywho it was an ok movie
-3 of 5 balloons

Andrews review 2 1/2 circles out of a possible 5

  this movie was absolutely beautiful.  The sights, the sounds and most of all the smells!  Ah, it was gorgeous.


The Weather Today
Today's weather consisted of a nice dosage of cold, with little bits of wind and warm and cold and wet and dry and heat and la la la I'm a should be spelled with a u...wizurd..... wizzzzzurd......wiiiizurd.....wizuuuurd........wwwwwizuuuuuurrrd....wizurd?

The Weather Today

A Review of This Pencil i just found infront of me ____ by andrew
so first of its yellow which is always a big plus in the classic looks department, it says HB on the side i kinda like those letters together, and the numbers: 53550-10 which is cool because when i first saw the pencil i thot it was a sufisticed rocket or scientifically inclined mystery instrument, it was only when i got closer i realized this pencil was really a pencil, this was pretty excillerating ta say the least, good gravy i was scared for a minute at what i had here! could have been just about ne thing with those crazy numbers sheesh. well ne ways i tryed riteing with it and yep i can assure you it was a pencil thats for certain, or was it a space pencil? ill never know
Andrew 24 ovals out of a posibble 32

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Scary Movie 3
This movie had alot of cheap or lowbrow laughs, which are still funny, but not funny enough for me to say that this was a funny movie. None the less, it did make fun of a number of movies like The Ring, Signs, 8 Mile, Matrix Reloaded, The Others, and it made fun of Micheal Jackson, which is always good.
-2 of 5 stars

andrews review 2 SNAILS! out of 5 OINK

----Gene Shalit, wow i just saw this masterpiece, it was like a glorius magic carpet ride thru-out the ages!
it made me cry and even laugh at the one part and all in all it taught us that great things can happen from one little dream!

This is Brian MacPherson

This is my good friend Bryan. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures. He knows too much though....and he likes snails a lot - even more than andy and thats sayin' a lot there.  Oh yeah!  He just got a job in atmospherics.  He calls it "space weather".  what a wanker.  I think he's crazy.  Who the heck does he think he is, making up words and such.  Some more words he made up are: ionosphere/thermosphere theoretical modeling.  I mean come on!  Bryan, i respect you, but this is going too far!  Oh and congratualtations on the job buddy.  You can learn more about brian and what he's all about at nov97/bryan.jpg