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Hey homefries, is it goin good? in this part of this page i can type things!

oh hi i didnt see you there!? or did i, maybe i can see you always, maybe im everwhatchful or just full of whatchfullingness? ya just dont know, or do you? maybe you do know but i just dont know taht you know, or maybe i do know that you know? hard to say, hard to say? ne so any ways................................... in this part i will write many magical and tremendus and par excellent words for you to read but ONLY IN THE FUTURE i will rite these things i speeak of not now!

Hey everyone out there in outerspace or webspace or whatever welcomey to my special part where you can be special!! itll be great and fun....what you say it isn't great!? well sher it ...fine its not that great you know im sory ok but you know what else its not done yet itll be better...why dont i finish it well i dont have time i have a family to take care of you know....fine i dont have a family but sumtimes i pretend i do, but whats the hurry, wheres the fire tahts right there isnt a fire but there might be one sumday..............ahhhh fire!! lol gotcha there wasnt really a fire or at least not a real one there was one in my head. oh and by the way the picture there on the front you know the cool guy tahts me!! i bet you would never have guessed yep thats a picture of me chillin feeling the breeze cause im in my convertible ok i lied i dont have a car but i almost got my lisence! woohooo almost!

  <<<<<-------------Can you spot my house? its there!

another shot of my house in wisconson

Me again! hi im andy if you dont know im abut 41 years old and live in wisconsin see ya around!?


  LOOK SNAILS MY FAVOURITE?! or are they.....hehe

Snails are there cool eh