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Hey children!  My page is here to spice up this site.  Like pepper on eggs or pepper on bacon.  Yah, like the title says, I'm Billy, and this page is going to be most incredulous.  Oh yeah and don't just get stuck on this page, because i heard Gene Shalit is hiding somewhere around here!  And I'm hungry.

First all, I would like to tell you a story.  One day I was feeling kinda down.  But then all of a sudden I thought, "wow!  I am so hot!"  So I decided to draw a self portrait.  And this is how it ended up:

See?  You can see the resemblance no?  ------>>>

This picture has really helped my self-esteem.  Before I drew it I thought I was fat, and had to wear sunglasses because my eyes molest people, but now i know my true beauty.  I still wear the glasses though for safety reasons.

Be sure to come back!