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Oh, there you are. Goodness me I was frightened for fear you had left our fantabulous website made by the kings of komidy, or is it comody? do you know? cuz i shure don't I'll tell that much right here and now.
Hello out there every one who has taken the time, no, wait - had the privelige of coming to this internet deely type place. I thank you, one and all. Here's the Gestbook, or guestbook for you people who like to spel things currectly. Here you could, nay - MUST write us stuff about what you - yes you - i see ya there....sayin to yourself how you love our site and you should tell us that and you're thinkin they probably get that alot, but i assure you that we never gro tired of people pleased with our site here. Now, you say to yourself, they sure assume a lot, but now y would we want to do that cuz it just makes an ass out of u and me and we won't stand for that cuz we're not asses, maybe u r, i don't know - who knows u ask? not me maybe u or ur mommy but certainly not a plain fellow such as myself would know something like that. HEY!! WHere ya goin?!!? you can't leave without signing the gestbook! And we know if you didn't sign it cuz we have cameras in ur house. just kiddin - or was i? perhaps, but you'll never know the answer to that cuz - well, u see, it requires a wizard with great knowledge such as peter maclelan, but even he can't match wits with superman. anyhoo, let me know if i begin to ramble cuz i tend to go on and on and on and on and well, you get the point - or maybe you don't so maybe i should tell you the point once again - the key eskimo is displeased with you and your manner of stupidity. well that's all for me to say, boy howdy I'm bushed!! whew! all this writing! geez! who made me do this? (remember...i can see you..sittin there, eatin your crumple hippets ya like to call "potato chips" how do i know their true name u ask? well, u see, i've never told anyone this before but i'm a wizard! but seriously folks, sign the freakin' gestbook. Dwayne here already has!!

Where are
you from:

Our gestbook
Put ur email and home page and comments and stuff up here, ok? then, with much vigor and vim you say O K! or do you? i should hope so, my word i should hope so!


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